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Why we recommend architectural shingles over 3-tab

If you’ve ever looked up while walking or driving around you may have noticed some differences in the shingle types. Previously many homes and businesses would use a flat design 3-tab shingle system that was good for its time but has been known to be significantly inferior in both its length of life and aesthetic.

With the advent of the architectural shingle the layering of the tabs provides structure that can prevent that typical “3-tab tear” damage. These newer and more technologically advanced shingles are what we recommend for installation. As a premier Owens Corning contractor we utilize manufacturers recommendations when it comes to nail numbers in each shingle which can range from 6-8 per shingle depending on the risk of hurricane force winds like we get in New England.

There are of course many other shingle types along with premier products from Owens Corning which we can install as well. These factors and many others must be thought over by the homeowner when deciding the shingle system they want installed. Thankfully most modern manufacturers of shingles have all of their technologies listed online that allow you to understand the differences.

For mor information about our Owens Corning shingles please visit:

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