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18th Century New England Home Repair, what to know.

Owning or renting an old colonial New England home can be something close to magical. As if you were transported back to 1790 with cobblestones and carriage, these homes can bring personality and historical reference to the area as well as provide a look into a life lived through trial and tribulation. It must not have been easy living in those times but the good news is you can enjoy the classic style with modern amenities.

New England is full of amazing structures that seem to dot the landscape from Westport, MA to Newport, RI. From the rolling hills of South Kingstown to the bustling streets of Providence the styles and beauty continue. The difficulty however is the maintenance and upkeep of such elegant homes. They key is understanding the context in which these homes were built and how to ensure they last into the next century. One of the items that make that list is shoring up the structural integrity of the joists so that when new additional furniture, flooring, or persons are added the flexion of the floor is minimized. This flexion, or bowing with weight, is unfortunately all too common in these older homes. This is why proper inspection and renovation is paramount to ensure the safety and longevity of your own personal piece of history.

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